Lego Technic 8674 Ferrari F1

The Lego Racers Ferrari F1 1:8 #8674 is a huge Formula One that measures 61 cm length, 29 cm wide and 15 cm high. Sold in 2006, its price was close to 150€, and the set contains 1246 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studless. The Lego Racers Ferrari F1 1:8 is under Ferrari license, and it’s included in the Lego Racers products, not Lego Technic. So, there isn’t B-Model for this Formula One. The set is proposed with stickers, not presents on the pictures.

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The Lego Racers Ferrari F1 is very realistic. We can see a lot of details like mirrors, vents or radiators on the side of the car. Mechanical functions are simple, the V10 motor (instead of V6 turbo for actual Formula One) drives the rear wheels via a differential, and the steering wheel guides the front wheel.

ˆLego Technic 8674 ˆˆLego Technic 8674 ˆLego Technic 8674ˆ

The handling of the Lego Racers Ferrari F1 1:8 is better than the Lego Technic Silver Champion #8458 or Lego Technic F1 Williams #8461 (different frames and bodies, but the same scale and same functions).

Shock absorbers are placed horizontally, like a real Formula One. They work very well, it’s a pleasure to see them in action. A hood can be picked-up to see the motor and exhausts. Practical and indispensable.

ˆLego Technic 8674 ˆLego Technic 8674 ˆLego Technic 8674

ˆLego Technic 8674