Lego Technic 8853 Excavator Digger

The Lego Technic Excavator Digger #8853 is a vintage Lego Technic set, produced in 1988. The set contains 332 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are only studfull. The B-Model is a small truck with a hook on the rear.

ˆLego Technic 8853 ˆLego Technic 8853 ˆLego Technic 8853

On this model, fenders and shovel rods have been improved. At the rear of the Digger, 2 gears are used to lift the shovel and to toggle the shovel. There is no linear actuator or pneumatic parts, it’s only mechanical.

Turning radius is excellent, the shovel function is correct but difficulties can appear when the shovel is up.

Also, I added yellow plates parts on the rear of the digger. With black parts instead of grey parts linked to the shovel, style is improved.

ˆLego Technic 8853