Official Lego Sets Modifications

Mercedes Unimog 1400 Trial Truck (Nico71)

Lego Technic Unimog Trial Truck

Based on Nico71 Unimog V4 truck, I build my own radio-controlled trial truck, with red colors and different tires.

IMG_7256 IMG_7288 IMG_7255


Truck Characteristics

The truck has excellent climbing abilities and interesting characteristics :

  • Radio-controlled vehicle with 2 channel transmitter (steering and drive)
  • 4 wheel drive
  • 3-point suspensions for both axles
  • Low center of gravity
  • Realistic style with headlights, taillights, mirrors
  • Detailed interior with adjustable seats plus steering wheel
  • Opening doors and hood, with animated inline-4 cylinders fake motor


IMG_7322 IMG_7323 IMG_7292 IMG_7263 IMG_7285 IMG_7282


Improved and personalized elements

Few elements have been improved or personalized, in comparison to original Nico71’s version :

  • Additional reinforces for cabin
  • Suspensions fixation on chassis are inclined, to avoid mis-alignment during suspension work
  • Smaller tires (due to lack of larger tires in my Lego Parts inventory)
  • Reinforced steering system, to avoid steering issues
  • Replacement of wheel axles, with 5L with stop axles

Lego Technic Trial Truck Unimog Chassis

The Nico71 version

This truck has been built based on Nico71 Unimog. Nico did a great job and I really enjoyed to replicate his trial truck.
You can click on the image below to see the Unimog by Nico71 on his website, instructions are also available.

Nico71 Unimog

Thanks Nico71 for your awesome work!

Lego Technic 8064 Forklift

The Lego Technic 8064 Universal Motor Set was released in 1994. This set allows building 4 different models : a twin-rotor helicopter, sports car, pickup with winch, or forklift. Each one of these models is motorized, which is very instructive for children.

Lego 8064 Official Set

When I was young, I really enjoyed the forklift because the handling was excellent and motorized arm was very cool, but time has passed and I’ve been bored by the electric motor. So, I’ve decided to remove the electric motor, to do a simple manual vehicle. I also added bricks on sides of the forklift, to improve style. Regarding the arm, it can be lifted up thanks to a lever at the back of the forklift.

Lego Technic 8064 ForkLift MODLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MOD

Lego Technic 8064 Forklift ModLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MODLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MOD

At the rear, a black license plate has been added. Some tiles are added on vertical lift arms, and a seat in grey color is here to add details with grey color like wheels. Compact, fun and strong, this forklift is one of my favorite mid-size set.

Lego Technic 42040 Fire Plane

Lego Technic 42040 MOD

The Lego Technic 42040 is a very nice seaplane and fire plane which can drop bricks of water. Several functions are available for this set : ailerons and rear wings moves with a joystick, v2 motor is connected to three-blade propeller (which is a little bit large) and hidden wheels. Transparent-blue bricks can be stored in the plane, dropped trough a small grey button, and re-filled by opening a hatch on the roof.

Lego 42040

Nevertheless, I really dislike the main wings : they’re profiled like a commercial plane, which is not realistic at all. Moreover, main wings are not correctly positioned on the airplane : they’re too distant from supposed gravity center, they should be positioned more forward. This can be seen in the pictures below.

Seaplane CessnadeHavillandCanadaDCH2Beaver_0Seaplane_GC
Lego Technic 42040 Wings

My modifications on the Lego Technic 42040 airplane are focused on the main wing. It has been moved to the front of the cabin. Command for ailerons have been moved also, and a new hatch to fill the transparent blue bricks has been designed. I tried to keep spirit of the designer, with colors, solidity and building process. With these modifications, style is more realistic, but maybe less attractive for youngest Lego Technic fans.

Lego 42040 MOD

Lego 42040 MOD Lego 42040 MOD Lego 42040 MOD

Recommended retail price for this airplane : USA: $59.99, Europe: 49.99€
This Lego Technic set contains 518 parts, with modifications presented here the number of parts is quite similar.

Lego Technic 42032 Compact Tracked Loader

Lego 42032 Compact Tracked Loader

Lego Technic 42032 is a cool compact tracked loader, with a fork to keep all stuff you want in the shovel. The set is quite small, with very interesting functions and lots of details : seats, control levels, revolving light, lights, exhaust, and tail lights. Very good work from Lego designers !


Unfortunately, some points needs to be reviewed :

  • Fork on the shovel is nice and useful, but when you manipulate shovel it creates movements on the fork, and vice-versa.
  • Arms of the shovel rubs on tracks when shovel is in the lowest position.
  • At the rear of the loader, a gear has to be turned anti-clockwise to move arm up, and movement of arm is quite slow.

So, I decided to do some modifications to improve this set 🙂

Lego 42032 Compact Tracked LoaderLego 42032 Compact Tracked LoaderLego 42032 Compact Tracked Loader

So, what’s new ? First of all, the fork has been removed. Yes, it’s a feature which has been removed, but the style is more like real tracked loaders, and there are no more perturbations on the fork when you move shovel. To avoid rubs on tracks, a new stop has been added at the rear of the vehicle. And finally, to improve arm movement and invert rotation direction, 24T gear at the rear has been replaced by two 8T gears.

Lego 42032 Compact Tracked LoaderLego 42032 Compact Tracked LoaderLego 42032 Compact Tracked Loader

Demo Video

Lego Technic 8448 Super Street Sensation

The Lego Technic Super Street Sensation #8448 is a very nice street car that measures 50 cm length, 22 cm wide and 10 cm high. Sold in 1999, its price was close to 130€, and the set contains 1408 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studfull and flex. A-model is a convertible with retractable roof, bit it has no doors. B-model is shown here, it’s the same car with opening butterfly-doors and car trunk.

Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448

On this page I present my modifications of the Lego Technic #8448. At the origins, this car is very nice. You can enjoy the V8 motor, the gearbox with 5 gear + reverse, the shaft transmission on rear drive, and the opening doors and trunk. Construction is “modular” (chassis, then motor, then body), it will allow to change motor position, from front to mid-rear. Wheels, specific for this model, are very futurists.

Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448

As you can see, I put silver headlights, and few visual modifications are done on the V8 motor. I wanted to have a look of Drift Car, especially the fantastic Mazda RX7 FC, so the passenger seat has been removed, steering wheel has been positioned lower, and side skirts are black instead of grey. Next step : build a Wankel motor, like the original Mazda car… Stay tuned !

Lego Technic 8448

Lego Technic 8853 Excavator Digger

The Lego Technic Excavator Digger #8853 is a vintage Lego Technic set, produced in 1988. The set contains 332 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are only studfull. The B-Model is a small truck with a hook on the rear.

ˆLego Technic 8853 ˆLego Technic 8853 ˆLego Technic 8853

On this model, fenders and shovel rods have been improved. At the rear of the Digger, 2 gears are used to lift the shovel and to toggle the shovel. There is no linear actuator or pneumatic parts, it’s only mechanical.

Turning radius is excellent, the shovel function is correct but difficulties can appear when the shovel is up.

Also, I added yellow plates parts on the rear of the digger. With black parts instead of grey parts linked to the shovel, style is improved.

ˆLego Technic 8853

Lego Technic 8872 Forklift Transport

The Lego Technic Forklift Transport 8872 is a nice truck designed to carry a yellow forklift. I haven’t build the forklift yet, and we assume that several types of vehicles can be carried on the trailer . The trailer of my model has been extended, and the truck measures now 60 cm length, 9,5 cm wide and 14 cm high. Sold in 1993, the set contains originally 761 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studfull.

Lego Technic 8872ˆ Lego Technic 8872ˆ Lego Technic 8872ˆ

Front wheels can be directed from the beacon of the truck. The trailer is locked by a mechanical system, and the trailer ramp can be lowered or raised with a small gear on the side.

My modifications on this Lego Technic Forklift Transport 8872 are essentially aesthetic. The tractor of the trailer is now equipped with seats and steering wheel, 2 exhausts are placed at the rear of the cabin, and 2 fuels tanks takes places between the wheels.

The trailer was extended and slightly redesigned to carry numerous cars and trucks of my Lego Technic collection. Also, a winch takes places on the trailer.

Lego Technic 8872ˆ ˆLego Technic 8872ˆ


Lego Racers 8682 Nitro Intimidator

The Lego Racers Nitro Intimidator 8682 is a crazy pick-up. Sold in 2006, its price was close to 50€, and the set contains 724 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studless but the front is with studfull parts. This set is a Lego Racers product, so there isn’t B-Model.

Lego Racers 8682

On this model, we can enjoy the look of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the fake motor is very ugly. A real V6 or V8 motor can easily take place under the hood, for the pleasure of the eyes. On the roof, the HOG (Hand of God) is a small Lego piece linked to steering wheels, very useful to play with the vehicle.

Lego Racers 8682

At the rear of the pick-up, dump can be opened. The set of video games has been removed.
Spoiler and exhausts, too large, have been removed too.

Lego Racers 8682

Big optimization work can be done on this official set, to add Lego Technic features: motor, doors opening, and why not Power Functions radio controlled feature. Moreover, style is very good. So if you own this set, go and transform it from “Lego Racers” to “Lego Technic” !