Lego Technic 2014 Sets (with Pictures and Prices!)

For 2014, several Lego Technic sets were available. The first one appeared in January 2014, and the second ones appeared in August 2014. Those models have been replaced by 2015 ones at the end of the 2015 year, it’s now very hard to find them as NIB (New, In Box). You will find below the list of sets with a quick analysis, description, and pictures.

Lego Technic 42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter

Lego 42020 Box Lego Technic 42040 Lego Technic 42040 B-Model

This small helicopter is a twin-rotor medical helicopter, with few functions. Rear hold can be opened, front wheels are moving freely, and rotors can be animated thanks to an axle at the rear of the helicopter. The set is pleasant, easy to build, easy to play with, and the owner has to apply some stickers to add details. Nevertheless, some details are disappointing : the storage space in the helicopter is very small, and structure of the helicopter is quite strong and complex : it should be simple, easy to understand and to build. This complexity does not deserve style, especially the front of the helicopter which could be nicer.

B-Model is also a helicopter. The style is better than the A-Model. The main rotor turns trough a gear on the side of the helicopter, but the rear rotor moves freely. The conception of the rear rotor with pins is disappointing, but globally this B-Model is perfectly acceptable.

Parts : 145, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range : 7 o 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $12.99, Europe: 9.99€

Lego Technic 42021 Snowmobile

Lego 42021 Box Lego Technic 42021 Lego Technic 42021 B-Model

Original and instructive, this snowmobile has great aesthetics and colors. Several functions : front suspensions, steering, and rear track moves. Rear track works even on hard surfaces, but unfortunately, it’s not the case for steering. The ideal place to play with this snowmobile is on the carpet. Regarding parts, we really enjoy the various direction and suspensions parts, which can be used for cars. That’s a very good point, in particular, if we look at the price of the set.

B-Model is quite different, it’s also a “snow” vehicle, like a moped without wheels. Good utilization of parts from A-Model, even if only one shock absorber is used.

Parts : 186, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range : 8 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $19.99, Europe: 10.49€

Lego Technic 42022 Hot Rod

Lego 42022 Box Lego Technic 42022 Lego Technic 42022 B-Model

A very nice hot rod, with blue color. Let’s focus on style and details first. This car contains lots of details like headlights, radiator grill, exhausts, seats, steering wheel, and of course beautiful V6 motor with air intakes at the top. The motor is linked to rear wheels, pistons moves when the hot rod move. Several functions also : front wheels steers thanks to a gear on the trunk of the vehicle, roof can be removed thanks to another gear on the side of the vehicle, and of course V6 motor is animated. Very instructive for a mid-size set, highly recommended for children.

B-Model is a rear motor car with rear wheel drive, and front steering thanks to a gear on the roof of the car. Style is very good, rear spoiler add a racing note to the vehicle.

Parts : 414, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range : 9 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $39.99, Europe: 29.99€
Extra : this Lego Technic set comes with a transparent box to store supplemental parts.

Lego Technic 42023 Construction Crew

Lego Technic 42023 Dump Tuck Lego Technic 42023 Big Rig Lego Technic 42023 Excavator

This set contains 3 vehicles : a dump truck, a front loader, and an excavator. The main attractive point of this set is playability of models and low complexity, highly recommended for beginners and also experienced builders. Each one of these vehicles contains several functions, so we are going to review each vehicle one by one. Before starting, we can note that this set doesn’t include any pneumatic parts, power function parts (and no ones of the vehicles can be motorized), the most “complex” parts are two mechanical linear actuators.

First of all, the front loader. Style of the loader is really excellent, yellow colors and yellow rims fit very well. Lego has often commercialized yellow public works vehicles but some of them have black rims (like Lego Technic Mobile Crane 8053) or gray rims, which is sometimes disappointing. Few details only : flashing light, tail lights, rear white and red stickers, but the strong point of this vehicle is handling and functions. There are 3 functions : steering, which is very efficient and can be done thanks to a gear on the roof, the front arm moves up thanks to the gear at the back, and the bucket is operated with booms. Regarding this bucket, only 2 locked positions are available, which is not perfect but acceptable.

Then, the dump truck. Very nice also, old style, 6 wheels. The front wheels steer from a gear on the roof, and dump can be raised. That’s enough and size of the truck is perfectly adapted to front loader and excavator.

And finally, the excavator. Not a lot of details but proportions and colors are adequate. The excavator has 3 functions : the body can rotate thanks to the vertical exhaust, the boom can raise or lower thanks to an axle on the rear of the body, and bucket are operated by a small lever on the boom. Also, tracks moves freely, which gives a lot of possibilities and very good playability for this excavator, which is the best mini excavator ever produced by Lego (previous were Lego Technic 8047 and Lego Technic 8419).

Grouped together, the 3 sets constitutes a coherent unity, fairly complex, and very instructive.

Parts : 833, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range : 10 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $69.99, Europe: 49.99€

Lego Technic 42024 Container Truck

Lego 42024 Box Lego Technic 42024 Lego Technic 42024 B-Model

Lego has produced few container trucks, the last one was the Lego Technic 8052 in 2010. For this new container truck, no Power Functions motor, several colors : yellow color for the cabin, red color for chassis, blue color for the container, and various gray parts… Too many different colors, it would be preferable to avoid red color and replace it with gray. The cabin is detailed, simple appearance but it’s not as nice as other Lego Technic trucks or the previous container truck 8052. By contrast, new tires are very adequate, and few new parts like blue panels will be helpful if you create your own Lego Technic vehicles. 3 functions for this set : as usual, front wheels steers, booms can be operated, and outriggers can be extended. To animate boom and outriggers, the player has to turn a gear and this operation is very long to reach extreme positions. Integration of Power Functions motor appears as mandatory to improve playability. Doors can also be opened.

The B-Model is a grader. First of all, we can notice the different colors on this vehicle, not very adequate but it depends on of the A-Model so we have to deal with it. 4 functions for this grader : steering, raise/lower blade, change angle of the blade, and raise/lower ripper.

Parts : 948, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range : 10 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $79.99, Europe: 70.99€

Lego Technic 42025 Cargo Plane

Lego_42025_box Lego Technic 42025 Lego Technic 42025 B-Model

This plane is one of the biggest planes ever made by Lego, with lots of functions. In details, there are 4 motorized functions : gears, propellers, pilot cabin lift, and loading ramp opens. 2 levers on the plane control elevators on the rear wing and ailerons, the last one controls flaps for takeoff and landings. Awesome ! Only 2 functions are missing in comparison to a real airplane : air brakes and rudder, but expert builders will think about it and they will probably modify the plane (not easy for air brakes, but possible for rudder even if it’s manual like on the Lego Technic Fire Plane 42040.

Style of the plane is very good, even if it has a lot of stickers. The color scheme is excellent, lots of details like position lights, cockpit details. Lots of white parts also to re-use for personal creations, a very good point because it’s always difficult to get white Lego Technic parts.

The plane is heavy and big, sometimes it’s difficult to play with it. But the major default of the plane are the motorized functions : they’re complex to operate, when user activate the motor, the rotation direction often needs to be reverted.

Parts : 1297, with Power Functions, without Pneumatic
Age range : 10 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $139.99, Europe: 119.99€

Lego Technic 42029 Customized Pick-Up truck

Lego Technic 42029 Custom Pick-Up Truck Lego Technic 42029 Custom Pick-Up Truck Lego Technic 42029 B-Model

This big pick-up truck reminds classic Lego Technic vehicles : nothing new, but construction and architecture are very instructive with several functions. The Lego Technic 42029 Customized Pick-Up includes a 6 cylinders motors, opening doors, opening hood, tilting bed, working wrench at the front of the vehicle, fully independent suspensions, steering wheels, the differential for rear wheels. The only bad point is the transmission on rear wheels, unfortunately, 2 wheel drives instead of 4, so it’s not a real 4×4 like it should be.

B-Model is a forester engine with working arm and shovel.

Parts : 1063, without Power Functions, without Pneumatic
Age range : 10 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $99.99, Europe: 89.99€