Lego Technic 2015 Sets (with Pictures and Prices!)

For 2015, several Lego Technic sets were scheduled and some of them are still currently available. The first one appeared in January 2015, and the second ones appeared in August 2015. Those models have been replaced by 2016 ones at the end of the 2016 year, it’s now very hard to find them as NIB (New, In Box). You will find below the list of sets with a quick analysis, description, and pictures.

Lego Technic 42031 Cherry Picker

Lego 42031 Box Lego 42031 Lego 42031 B-Model

This small set is a small truck with a basket. The cabin is nice, headlights and gyros are highly appreciated, but the arm with basket is not adequate on this model : when the arm is down, the basket is behind the hood, it’s not realistic. There is a big empty gap between the front and rear wheels, front wheels don’t steer. Lots of defaults, few positive points, prefer another Lego Technic set.

B-Model is a tow truck which suffers from the same defaults than B-Model. At the rear, tow arm raises and there are no other functions, no steering. Disappointing.

155 parts, without Power Functions, without Pneumatic
Age range: 7 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $12.99, Europe: 9.99€

Lego Technic 42032 Compact Tracked Loader

Lego 42032 Box Lego_Technic_42032 Lego 42032 B Model

Lego has produced several loaders, but only a few tracked loaders. In 2015, Lego introduced a very nice compact tracked loader, with a fork on the shovel. The fork, which is not really present on real tracked loaders, has been designed to keep materials in the shovel. That’s a good idea, even if fork handling generates movements on the shovel, and vice-versa. The main color is white, some orange parts are also visible at the rear of the loader. Several details also, like command levers, roof lights, tail lights, flashing light and exhaust. Usually, tracked Lego Technic vehicles slide on smooth surfaces. The Lego Technic 42032 doesn’t have this problem because low frictions pins are used for track gears/wheels. That’s a pretty good point !

B-Model is also a tracked vehicle, like the groomer, with a scraper on the front and a crane at the rear. Style of the crane doesn’t look finished, but the designer cannot do better with the inventory of A-Model. For information, antenna always moves when someone plays with this vehicle, the better solution is to remove it. There is more friction on the track gears than the A-Model but it’s still acceptable.

252 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 8 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $19.99, Europe: 14.99€

Lego Technic 42033 Record Breaker

Lego 42033 Box Lego 42033 Lego 42033

Mainly marketed for US continent, the Lego Technic 42033 is a dragster, with Pull-Back function : player reverses the car then it goes forward very fast. It’s quite fun but it’s not very instructive. Regarding style, it’s almost good , cockpit with glass is nice. No other functions of interesting details, expensive price, prefer another set.

125 parts, without Power Functions, without Pneumatic
Age range: 7 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $19.99, Europe: 19.49€

Lego Technic 42034 Quad Bike

Lego 42034 Box Lego 42034 Lego 42034

The Lego Technic 42034 Quad Bike is like the Lego Technic 42033 Record Breaker just presented above. Only one function, the set goes forward very fast thanks to the “Pull-Back” motor. Style of this quad is very nice, lots of stickers, nice headlights. Nothing else, lack of instructive elements, prefer another set.

148 parts, without Power Functions, without Pneumatic
Age range: 7 to 14
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $19.99, Europe: 19.99€

Lego Technic 42035 Mining Truck

Lego 42035 Box Lego 42035 Lego 42035 B Model

This small truck is a mine truck, with yellow color. You can enjoy the very small cabin which indicates the scale of the vehicle, sticker which represent ladder on the front helps also. A motor with chain transmission is included, but only one wheel animates this motor. The style is very good, and the set can also be very interesting for your own Lego creations due to the several yellow panels. In 2016, a white version of the Lego Technic 42035 Mining Truck is included in set Lego Technic 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator.

B-Model is a bulldozer. The front shovel can raise trough rear bar, rear wheel steers thanks to gear on the top of the vehicle. Less fun than the A-Model but interesting nonetheless.

362 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 9 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $29.99, Europe: 24.99€

Lego Technic 42036 Street Motorcycle

Lego 42036 Box Lego 42036 Lego 42037 B-Model

Very appreciated by motorbike riders, Lego Technic has produced several motorbikes. The Lego Technic 42037 has blue and red color scheme, looks great, headlights are very well integrated, and structure is very strong. Regarding con’s, we can notice the absence of radiator, dials or foot pegs. Several functions : front suspension, rear suspension, steering, V4 motor, and the rear wheel is driven by a chain.

Inventory is interesting, we can notice the 10 medium blue panels, the 2 nice wheels, some gears, 4 cylinders motor, and few red parts. B-Model is also a motorbike with a different style, it’s a “chopper”, with same functions as A-Model.

375 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 9 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $39.99, Europe: 34.99€

Lego Technic 42040 Fire plane

Lego 42040 Box Lego 42040 Lego 42040 B-Model

This is one of the best planes ever made by Lego. Yes, someone’s say the Lego Technic Cargo Plane 42025 is better because it contains manual functions (ailerons, elevators) and motorized functions (landing gear, rear ramp, motors, font noise), but the problem of the Cargo Plane is weight and handling. The Lego Technic 42040 Fire Plane is smaller, without motorized functions, but functions are very similar to the Cargo Plane and children can play with it easily : realistic elevator and ailerons movements are included, spinning propeller, 2 pistons engine, and lots of details are visible like seats and lights. Water (represented by transparent blue bricks) can be dropped, like a real firefighter plane. Defects are kept to a minimum : the underside of the aircraft is opened at the rear, and the main wing position should be positioned slightly further forward. A lot of fun, realistic functions, very instructive and not expensive, it’s one of the best Lego Technic set of 2015 year !

B-Model is a fighter aircraft with retractable wheels and movable ailerons. A ladder and a fuel pump are also available to play with the plane, good idea from Lego designer.

518 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 9 to 16 (suitable for adults also)
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $59.99, Europe: 49.99€

Lego Technic 42038 Arctic Truck

Lego 42038 Box Lego 42038 Lego 42038 B-Model

The Arctic vehicle isn’t new in Lego products. Several vehicles with arctic exploration theme were sold in 1980’s. The return or an arctic vehicle is a very good news, and the Lego Technic 42038 is a massive one. The set has 4 independent tracks with suspension, front one’s steers. Chassis uses lots of orange parts and the black bumper gives a unique identity to the vehicle. On the front, lot of details : headlights, supplemental roof lights, lights on mirrors, mirror, exhaust, antenna. The roof is very nice with the rounded panel and it hides very well the battery box, it’s highly appreciated. A crane is also present at the rear of the vehicle, with 4 degrees of freedom : base rotation, lover boom, raise boom, and hook ca be deployed. Under this crane, a tipping bed which can be tilted thanks to a mini linear actuator. We have to notice a persistent default for this set : driving and steering don’t work very well on smooth surfaces due to plastic tracks parts, it’s preferable to play on carpet.

B-Model is a tracked 4×4 -like a Jeep- with a trailer. This vehicle looks very well, it would be awesome with wheels, but let’s stay focused on the arctic theme. The 4×4 has suspensions, front steering, and rear crane. On the trailer, a satellite communication tool, which can be raised.

913 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 10 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $84.99, Europe: 79.99€

Lego Technic 42041 Race Truck

Lego 42041 Box Lego 42041 Lego 42041

The Lego Technic 42041 is a re-release of the Lego 8041, which was sold in 2010. The set is not much appreciated by AFOLs, (Adults Fans of Lego’s), but globally is not a bad set. This truck includes classic functions and good handling : steering, V8 motor, movable cab, opening doors. Few details also, like antennas, headlights, steering wheel and driver seat. Mirrors are not very nice, they deserved a more attention. Like old Lego sets, features of this truck are almost classic, but they’re efficient and instructive.

B model is a small car, with steering, motor with 8 cylinders, opening doors and trunk.

608 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 10 to 16
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $69.99, Europe: 59.99€

Lego Technic 42039 24 Hours Race Car

Lego 42039 Box Lego 42039 Lego 42039 B Model

Lego 42039 is an endurance car, with green and white colors. Several functions for this car : V8 motor is driven by rear wheels, independent suspensions, steering from gear on the roof. Doors and rear hood can be opened thanks to a worm and a gear box.
B-Model is an interesting SUV vehicle, with V8 front motor, steering, and retractable headlights. Tires are unfortunately slick, replace them with other ones if you have, the style will be better !

New parts for this set : green curved panels, new gear shifter ring, and gears wheels associated, 3L pins with 1L Axle. This set contains also three 19L Flex Axles in white color, which was only released in one set (Formula 1 Williams Racer). These parts were sold about 15$/12€ on Bricklink, now their value should decrease, good news for Lego designers !

1219 parts, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Age range: 11 to 16 (suitable for adults also)
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $129.99, Europe: 99.99€

Lego Technic 42042 Crawler Crane

Lego 42042 Box Lego 42042 Lego 42042 B-Model

A tracked crane, with command levers at the back of the crane. This configuration allows playing with the tracked crane easily. Blue parts are also ideal for MOC parts. Tracked wheels won’t work on smooth surfaces, only on carpet.

1401 parts, including Power Functions, but without Pneumatic
Age range: 10 to 16 (suitable for adults also)
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $149.99, Europe: 119.99€

Lego Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

Lego 42043 Box Lego 42043 Lego 42043 B-Model

The Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs 42043 is an impressiveness truck with 12 wheels, which replicates the real Mercedes trucks. It includes several realistic functions, like suspensions, 6 inline cylinders motor, steering, and of course crane movements and dumps raise. Designed by Markus Kossman, the lead designer of Lego Technic Sets, talented persons who are known for other flagships sets, like the Lego Technic Mobile Crane 8421, the Lego Technic Unimog 8110, or the Lego Technic Mobile Crane MKII 42009.

A single electric motor power all functions : pneumatic pump for crane and tipping bed.
The cabin is very well detailed, Very instructive set, it requires almost 10 hours to build. Honestly, I think this set is the best truck ever made by Lego. Every expert builders should have it !

2793 parts, including Power Functions and Pneumatic
Age range: 11 to 16 (suitable for adults also)
Recommended Retail Price : USA: $229.99, Europe: 219.99€