Lego Technic 8858 Rebel Wrecker

Released in 1994, the Lego Technic Rebel Wrecker is one of the most beautiful 90’s sets with several functions. It looks like a “big foot” 4×4, including a rear boom winch. With red colors and small yellow line all over the body, this amazing vehicle represents exactly what Lego Technic from 90’s are: colorful, powerful, and very well engineered with lots of functions.

Lego Technic 8858Lego Technic 8858Lego Technic 8858

Rear differential drives a V6 engine, front wheels steers from roof gyro (HOG), front and rear suspensions are also present. At the back, a winch with the retaining system is present. On my vehicle, I remove the additional 3rd damper on the front independent double wishbone suspension because the hardness of suspensions is enough with 1 dampers per front wheel. A Lego Technic figure has also been added.

Lego Technic 8858 Lego Technic 8858 Lego Technic 8858

Lego Technic 8858 Lego Technic 8858 Lego Technic 8858

Also, at the back of the 4×4, I replace few gears to get more efficiency: two 24T gears replaces the double 8T + 24T of the official set, the original architecture generates little frictions. Other elements are quite identical, it’s a real pleasure to play with this set, and even more it helps another Lego Technic model 🙂

Lego Technic 8858