Lego Technic 8448 Super Street Sensation

The Lego Technic Super Street Sensation #8448 is a very nice street car that measures 50 cm length, 22 cm wide and 10 cm high. Sold in 1999, its price was close to 130€, and the set contains 1408 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studfull and flex. A-model is a convertible with retractable roof, bit it has no doors. B-model is shown here, it’s the same car with opening butterfly-doors and car trunk.

Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448

On this page I present my modifications of the Lego Technic #8448. At the origins, this car is very nice. You can enjoy the V8 motor, the gearbox with 5 gear + reverse, the shaft transmission on rear drive, and the opening doors and trunk. Construction is “modular” (chassis, then motor, then body), it will allow to change motor position, from front to mid-rear. Wheels, specific for this model, are very futurists.

Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448 Lego Technic 8448

As you can see, I put silver headlights, and few visual modifications are done on the V8 motor. I wanted to have a look of Drift Car, especially the fantastic Mazda RX7 FC, so the passenger seat has been removed, steering wheel has been positioned lower, and side skirts are black instead of grey. Next step : build a Wankel motor, like the original Mazda car… Stay tuned !

Lego Technic 8448