Lego Technic 8064 Forklift

The Lego Technic 8064 Universal Motor Set was released in 1994. This set allows building 4 different models : a twin-rotor helicopter, sports car, pickup with winch, or forklift. Each one of these models is motorized, which is very instructive for children.

Lego 8064 Official Set

When I was young, I really enjoyed the forklift because the handling was excellent and motorized arm was very cool, but time has passed and I’ve been bored by the electric motor. So, I’ve decided to remove the electric motor, to do a simple manual vehicle. I also added bricks on sides of the forklift, to improve style. Regarding the arm, it can be lifted up thanks to a lever at the back of the forklift.

Lego Technic 8064 ForkLift MODLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MOD

Lego Technic 8064 Forklift ModLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MODLego Technic 8064 ForkLift MOD

At the rear, a black license plate has been added. Some tiles are added on vertical lift arms, and a seat in grey color is here to add details with grey color like wheels. Compact, fun and strong, this forklift is one of my favorite mid-size set.