MOC Pro Truck 1/10

This Pro Truck is a personal creation built a few years ago, with several parts of set Lego Technic #8297. The vehicle has no electric motor, components used are almost studfull. The vehicle measures about 50 cm long and 22 cm wide, the scale is 1/10.

MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck

The original idea of the project was to modify a 4×4 Lego Technic #8297. But the construction of the Lego Technic #8297 did not correspond to my project (Pro Truck), so I decided to build a new chassis with the parts of the same vehicle. At the beginning of the project, I set goals. My Pro Truck must have a V8 engine with rear wheel drive, independent suspension in front, rear trailing arm, opening hood, opening doors, with as much detail as possible, and of course steering on front wheels.

MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck Motor ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck Front DriveTrain MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck Rear DriveTrain

Doors can be opened, they stay open like real doors of a car. The same applies to the hood or trunk, which are held in position with shock absorbers.

The V8 motor drives the rear wheels trough a differential. On the roof, the small tire (HOG) is very useful to steer the front wheels. The suspension is quite flexible, which corresponds to reality.

For style, a black hood, and a black roof is opposed to the gray. Big wheels give a massive style.

MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck in sand ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck opened doors ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck in sand MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck roof ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck seats ˆMOC Lego Technic Pro Truck tub

MOC Lego Technic Pro Truck

Lego Racers 8682 Nitro Intimidator

The Lego Racers Nitro Intimidator 8682 is a crazy pick-up. Sold in 2006, its price was close to 50€, and the set contains 724 parts. This set has no electric motor, and components used are almost studless but the front is with studfull parts. This set is a Lego Racers product, so there isn’t B-Model.

Lego Racers 8682

On this model, we can enjoy the look of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the fake motor is very ugly. A real V6 or V8 motor can easily take place under the hood, for the pleasure of the eyes. On the roof, the HOG (Hand of God) is a small Lego piece linked to steering wheels, very useful to play with the vehicle.

Lego Racers 8682

At the rear of the pick-up, dump can be opened. The set of video games has been removed.
Spoiler and exhausts, too large, have been removed too.

Lego Racers 8682

Big optimization work can be done on this official set, to add Lego Technic features: motor, doors opening, and why not Power Functions radio controlled feature. Moreover, style is very good. So if you own this set, go and transform it from “Lego Racers” to “Lego Technic” !